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Check out this great video of "Wi Haffi Get It"  Song written and sung by Da Flame, Produced by RP Record and video shoot by Sasha Bling. Video was done in Kingston, Jamaica. This song is to encourage hard working people, the go getters, and hustlers to keep working hard toward your goals. One day you haffi get it!


Embrace Your Passion


 People say, "Big Things Come in Small Packages!" and that couldn't be more true when referring to "Da' Flame" (a.k.a Lady Flame) Marjorie Reid. Da' Flame is not just a singer and dj , but also a writer, composer, musician, and performer. Da' Flame is originally from Washington, Dc where she is stationed with Jamaican heritage. Da' Flame has captivated the hearts, ears, and minds of many people. The versatile and talented "Da' Flame" has performed with major artists thru out the years. She received numerous awards for "best female performer" from the DC Annual Reggae Music Awards over the years. Da' Flame has performed at many charity events in the past both locally and abroad including many shows in the DMV area and globally. In the year 2007, Rawborn Productions officially became management for Da' Flame. She has many released singles being played globally.  The biggest one to date is "GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS" which is still creating a frenzy globally bringing forth the New Album Entitled : "God Answers Prayers" Her very first Gospel Album.

Live Life in Song


 Many people may not know this, but Da' Flame is very well known for her clash versions, dubs and gut wrenching Intros when it comes to sound clashes. Many sound such as Black Kat, Stone Love, Jamrock, Travelers, swatch Int'l, and many many more from all over the world come to Da' Flame for their custom made versions. Her dub plate rendition of "Hello" by Adele, “One By One” a dub rendition of Rihanna “Wild Thoughts” and many more is creating a frenzy internationally. 

Be Inspired


 Appearing on numerous forms of media, "Da' Flame" is destined to shine and be heard. "Hearing people say they love my music and the way I perform is a reward in itself. My main goal is to unify all different types of races, ethnic groups, and cultures with my music. Seeing people enjoying my music shows me that I am definitely doing something right. If my love for music can recruit another and the messages that I bring can comfort another heart then I am very happy. Music is my life!" says Da' Flame. Da Flame is a multitalented artist in many different genres of music such as Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Lover's Rock, Dancehall Reggae, and Soul just to name a few, "Da' Flame" is determined and destined to succeed. So watch out world, prepare to be thrilled and amazed!!!!!! Here Comes DA' FLAME "HOT IT UP"!!!!!! 


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